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Great need in Mozambique

The humanitarian crisis in northern Mozambique is hitting the poorest of the poor.

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In Chiúre District, SolidarMed's project region in Mozambique, attacks by Non State Armed Groups have been flaring up since last December. Since then, the population is deprived from essential health care services. Many of those affected had fled from earlier attacks in the north of the district to the Chiúre region. Now they are on the move again, out of Chiúre, without water, without protection from the rain or sun and, of course, without medical care. 

Help to reduce the suffering

«Healthcare in the Chiúre district has completely collapsed because most of the health workers have fled.»

Barbara Kruspan, Country Director Mozambique

Some of the health workers have also fled, so pregnant women are not getting any help with complications or childbirth. People are not only suffering from malaria, but also from diarrheal diseases such as cholera or from untreated injuries. Traumatic experiences exacerbate the situation. There is a lack of food and medicines in the region.

Last week, the situation in the Chiúre district escalated around the health centers where SolidarMed is working. Barbara Kruspan, Country Director Mozambique, reported on site in Pemba (6.3.2024)

People forced to flee again.

Since violence broke out in the province of Cabo Delgado in northern Mozambique in 2017, over a million people have been displaced within Mozambique. Many of these people have been living in overcrowded resettlement villages with poor access to water, food, education or healthcare. In the meantime, over 60,000 women, men and around half of them children are once again on the run - from their original place of refuge. The precarious situation of those fleeing favors the spread of cholera and other communicable diseases. 

«The people were on the run for days on foot. Without water, in extreme sunlight and without medical help..»

Barbara Kruspan, Country Director Mozambique

Die Menschen, die erst noch in die Region um Chiúre flüchteten, wurden durch die kürzlichen Attacken erneut zur Flucht gezwungen. Die Gesundheitsversorgung ist prekär, auch weil ein Grossteil des Gesundheitspersonals geflohen ist. 

The displaced people have already been forced to flee several times due to the ongoing attacks. The picture was taken near the SolidarMed-supported Namapa district hospital. (ALFREDO ZUNIGA / AFP 27.02.2024, Namapa, MOSAMBIK)

Map legend

Cross symbol: SolidarMed supported health centers
Triangles: Resettlement villages in the catchment area
Blue arrows: refugee flows
Location of the attacks 2024 (marked in red) 

(Source: Movement Alert Report )

People in need - SolidarMed stays

With your help and in cooperation with the regional authorities, SolidarMed is restoring essential health care services. In order to provide the affected people with a minimum of dignity, the local team needs a tent in addition to medicines, laboratory materials and hygiene equipment. SolidarMed will also send out a mobile clinic to deliver primary health care services where this has been stopped.

Please support us: 

e.g. with 60 CHF for full marlaria treatments for 8 patients

e.g. with 130 CHF for 100 liters of fuel for the emergency vehicle

e.g. with 200 CHF for a one-day operation of the mobile clinic